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Introducing an all-new initiative that rewards you & contributes to a good cause! 

Starting July 2018, PAssion Card Members can do good in the community simply by tapping their PAssion Cards at PAssion CARES terminals set-up at selected community events.  

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With each tap of your PAssion Card, 7.5 TapForMore (TFM) points will be contributed to community projects, while another 7.5 TFM points will be credited to your PAssion Card in appreciation of your support towards PAssion CARES. This initiative is fully supported by our long-term partners, Dairy Farm Singapore Group (DFSG) and POSB. 

The TFM points raised will go towards various community projects benefiting the underprivileged in the community. For a start, the People’s Association targets to accumulate a total of $150,000 worth of shopping credits in the first six months to help defray the cost of daily necessities and groceries for an estimated 1,500 low-income households. 

Click here for the FAQs on PAssion CARES.

From July to September 2018, you will stand a chance to win attractive prizes monthly in the PAssion CARES Lucky Draw held in conjunction with the launch of PAssion CARES.
For the full terms and conditions of the PAssion CARES Lucky Draw, click here.

Click below for the list of winners in the PAssion CARES Lucky Draw! Gather your family and friends and tap away!
PAssion CARES Lucky Draw
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