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PAssion Card Top-up

At Budget 2020, the Government announced that all Singaporeans aged 50 and above in 2020 would receive a $100 top-up to their PAssion Card under the Care and Support Package.


In view of the COVID-19 situation and the need for safe distancing during this period, it was announced during the Supplementary Budget Announcement on 26 March 2020 that the $100 PAssion Card top-up will be given in cash instead.


Those who are eligible will receive letter notifications by August 2020, informing them of their eligibility of the PAssion Card top-up and the Care and Support – Cash, as well as the total amount of cash that they can expect to receive under the 2 measures. Eligible Singaporeans will receive the $100 directly to their bank account, together with their Care and Support – Cash payout from end August 2020. There is no need for physical redemption in person.

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Complimentary PAssion Card

From 1 Mar 2020 to 31 Dec 2020, eligible Singaporeans aged 50 to 59 years old in 2020 and who do not have a PAssion Card may sign up online at www.onepa.sg for a complimentary PAssion Card*. They may also visit their nearest Community Centre or Club for assistance.

*Terms and conditions apply