arts rock guardian of the sea
DATE: 4 - 14 July 2019
TIME: 2:30 PM (Tue - Sun)
8:00 PM (Tue - Sat)
VENUE: Drama Centre Black Box (NLB)
Available at SISTIC
Student Wang Cai is tasked to research on the history of Pulau Ubin. While searching for information on the Internet, he is drawn into the world of the mythical island. He stumbles upon Xiang Qi, Zhu Pa and Wa Wa in a foreign yet familiar world. To find his way home, Wang Cai tricks them to dive into Temasek Ocean, only to be confronted by the Third Prince of the Southern Seas, protector of Temasek Ocean. What happens in Temasek Ocean? Will Wang Cai finally return to his own world? Will he succumb to the terror of the Third Prince?

This July, The Fool Theatre presents Rock Guardians of the Sea – a brand new Chinese musical based on the legends of Pulau Ubin. The production promises to be a magical journey filled with adventures (and misadventures) of our mixed bag of young heroes! 
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