arts faust
DATE: 21 - 24 March 2019 
TIME: 3:00 PM (Sat & Sun)
8:00 PM (Thu - Sat)
VENUE: Drama Centre Black Box
Available at SISTIC
A bold exploration of an acclaimed German classic, retold in a contemporary setting.

A brilliant but frustrated academic, Faust has achieved all that she can with her knowledge. Dissatisfied with what she has, she yearns for more in her life. One day she is visited by an unexpected visitor, Mephistopheles, who is full of surprises. Mephistopheles makes a deal with her; spends the rest of her life with him, as he shows her a lifetime of everything she desires, in exchange for her soul in the beyond. Driven by the freedom that awaits her outside of her dusty study, she agrees to the deal and is whisked away into a supernatural life of magic, thrill and adventure. After journeying through a lifetime chasing after ambition, love and desire, will she ever find what she is looking for? 
    For the first time, a Nine Years Theatre’s production is helmed by a next-generation director - Introducing Cherilyn Woo, our Associate Director, who re-imagines a female Faust in this famous classic tale. 


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